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  1. So you want to work at a startup?

    by Roy Barber, 12 May 2013

    Everyone wants to work at or with the next hot startup. They’re cool, good fun and run by creative, passionate people with exciting ideas.

  2. Dribbble Invite

    by Roy Barber, 13 Feb 2013

    Ive had a dribbble invite sat around for some time now, it’s about time i did something with it! So im looking for some amazing talent to showcase what they are working on.

  3. Micro Responsive Grid

    by Roy Barber, 05 Feb 2013

    I wrote a tiny little nested 3x & 4x column responsive grid, works in all browsers with a slight column jump bug in IE7. Check it out and see what you think! Still needs some work, but it works fine and is a good base to learn from. Fork it on GitHub

  4. Speed up your Front End Development – Part 1

    by Roy Barber, 03 Feb 2013

    I gave a talk recently at a local meet up and showed a bunch of front end developers and designers how to save a boat load of time when coding up those beautiful photoshop designs. I will be splitting this topic into a series of three posts, where i’ll be showing you ways to save masses of your precious time, hopefully allowing you to squeeze extra profit out of your projects.

  5. Version Controlling WordPress

    by Roy Barber, 27 Jan 2013

    A lot of friends of the web asked how i usually work with Git + WordPress, so i wrote this to show the structure and steps I take to setup WordPress locally, version control and then deploy to a live server with Git.

  6. .net magazine build off

    by Roy Barber, 12 Oct 2012

    I was fortunate enough to be asked by .net magazine to take part in the november 2012 issue of the build off challenge.

  7. Social Icons in Sass using @each

    by Roy Barber, 30 Sep 2012

    Let me show you a super easy SASS mixin for generating a list of icons based on a list using @each. Utilizing modernizr to define the .svg class with a .png fallback.

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